Beautiful Rhodonite Crystal Heart 324g-352g

Beautiful Rhodonite Crystal Heart 324g-352g

Discover the harmonizing power of Rhodonite, the 'Stone of Love and Balance'. Sourced directly from the lush landscapes of Madagascar, this pink manganese silicate mineral is not only a feast for the eyes but also a balm for the soul.

Embrace the loving energy of Rhodonite to enhance self-worth and compassion, while grounding your spirit. Let this beautiful gem open your heart chakra and bring equilibrium to your emotional well-being.

1) Crystal Only boxed with care for shipping
2) Personalized package: crystal packaged in a premium box with personalized design and message.
3) Premium Personalized Plus: crystal is packaged in a premium box along with 3-5 additional gift items curated with care to compliment your crystal for a full crystal package experience. Additionally, box is personalized with advanced design and additional color choices making it a truly bespoke offering.

**PLEASE NOTE: Every crystal is a gift from Mother Nature making each one unique and different. Natural variations in colors and highlights exist making every gift a truly distinctive piece.

For a more comprehensive gift experience and enhanced benefits, bundle your crystal sets.If you buy while Mia is 'LIVE' Online (TikTok) you will receive 10% discount. If you are a subscriber to my TikTok you will get 20% discount! 

-Design details and colors can be seen in listing photos. Please provide specific wording and color notes on your order to make the personalization and gift selection process a positive experience.

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