Natural Orca Agate Crystal Hearts 102g-244g

Natural Orca Agate Crystal Hearts 102g-244g

Discover the serene beauty of Orca Agate, the gemstone known for its remarkable resemblance to the majestic Orca Whale. Sourced directly from the unique landscapes of Madagascar, each stone is a natural work of art, featuring soothing shades of grey and blue with distinctive white spots.

Not only a visual delight, but Orca Agate is also celebrated as the 'Forgiveness Stone,' believed to offer healing for deep emotional wounds. Embrace the tranquility and balance it brings, perfectly complementing the Gemini's quest for harmony.

Experience the gentle peace of Orca Agate and let it guide you towards self-forgiveness and inner calm.

1) Crystal Only boxed with care for shipping
2) Personalized package: crystal packaged in a premium box with personalized design and message.
3) Premium Personalized Plus: crystal is packaged in a premium box along with 3-5 additional gift items curated with care to compliment your crystal for a full crystal package experience. Additionally, box is personalized with advanced design and additional color choices making it a truly bespoke offering.

**PLEASE NOTE: Every crystal is a gift from Mother Nature making each one unique and different. Natural variations in colors and highlights exist making every gift a truly distinctive piece.

For a more comprehensive gift experience and enhanced benefits, bundle your crystal sets.If you buy while Mia is 'LIVE' Online (TikTok) you will receive 10% discount. If you are a subscriber to my TikTok you will get 20% discount! 

-Design details and colors can be seen in listing photos. Please provide specific wording and color notes on your order to make the personalization and gift selection process a positive experience.

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